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Sunday, November 27, 2005

i dreamt of death...

...and it happened. three of my family members died last night while i dreamt about it. i woke up and the three of them were floating on their sides at the top tank.

yes, my three black tetras offed themselves last night as i slept. maybe i should give fish more credit. was that dream i had their way of saying "so long, and thanks for all the"?? (excuse my dorky HHGTTG reference) they were all alive and kicking last night, when i fed them.

i held a hurried funeral for them in the bathroom, which consisted of saying, "whoops, sorry little dudes," before flushing them.

i figure i won't even tell davey they croaked, and when we move i'll just replace them. what i ended up telling him was that i let them go see their fishey families for the holidays.

i still have the algae eater (my pleco, which now resembles a small shark, right down to the creepy blank eyes). i believe he is immortal. he's lived to see a lot of the other fish die, and...i'm sure as long as i remain the lazy procrastinator that i am, he'll be around for the deaths of plenty more.

what i don't understand is this. how is it, that i can take care of something that requires constant attention, care, love, education, grooming, entertainment and such (i am, of course, speaking of davey), yet i can't seem to keep fish alive. or plants for the matter. i've killed cactus before, through sheer neglect. yet i have a perfectly happy, healthy five year old human. go figure.

i guess the fish should have learned to climb into my bed in the morning and scream, "MOMMY, I WANT BREAKFAST!"

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