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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

dreaming. of pink jelly shoes.

i'm starting to get back into writing my dreams out as soon as i wake up. last few times i've done this was my charlie sheen dream and my machete man nightmares. this one's from last night.

::jenny's dream sequence::

my dad ate a 5 year old package of oriental flavor ramen and got disgusted so we all went to wal mart but once we got there i was mortified because i realized i was still wearing my pajamas but i didn't notice until i took my sweater-jacket off.

i was looking at pink jelly shoes (the kind i used to wear when i was, like, 6) and got mad because they only had a size 9 in mens (mens????) and then for some reason i got all exited over these plain white canvas doctor scholl's shoes with the gel insert in them, and i thought i know the gel insert didn't work when i tried them before, but maybe they'll work better if they're in actual doctor scholl's shoes.

then, i don't know if this is later on in the same dream or just a different dream, i was walking through old town winchester but it was like a war zone and there were police everywhere and gangsta looking dudes shooting and lighting firecrackers but i had to walk through it to get home, so i decide the best way to go would be to just walk directly through this shootout in the road, or it might've been the walking mall. so i start walking through and the shooting stops and the gangstas and the police just stare at me as if i'm dangerous.

at one point i heard the police whisper "i think she's concealing fireworks" and i realize they must think my snickers bar is a weapon and i get scared that they'll shoot me so i just hold my hand up (snickers and all) and walk the rest of the way through, and when i get to the crossroad (i am now up against a building shimmying to the street, ready to run the rest of the way home), i look around the corner of the building and there is this big butch woman with a buzz cut and a gun telling me she's got my back and to run for it.

::end of dream sequence::

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