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Monday, April 25, 2005

college dream

another wacky dream for y'all...

::jenny's dream sequence::

i was back in community college, only taking 2 classes. my calculus prof was my high school bio teacher (scary dude that i always thought resembled a rat), and my psych prof was kevin anderson, who played ben, the cute drama teacher guy from Sleeping With the Enemy. i accidentally went to my psych class 3 times in one day (haha, wonder why). some guy in psych made a presentation about why he thought the prof was the antichrist, and he had all these overhead slides from the movie Sleeping With the Enemy of him dancing with Julia Roberts (though i'm not sure how that was supposed to prove his point). mandy (my bestest friend) was there, and i would walk around and talk to her between classes, and for some reason, it was dark out.

there was a big gym with a ramp going up it, and one of my male friends (though i don't remember who) had to lead this college tour for a group of starving third world children who were all wearing loincloths. so i started walking and talking with him and when i looked back, i realized the children were sneaking away from him and running back into the gym.

::end of dream sequence::

kind of a lame dream, but for some reason, the whole part with the psych presentation about the prof being the antichrist had this sort of...ugh, i don't know...conspiracy feel to it. that's the only way i can describe it. like maybe he really was some evil guy. but see, in the dream, that just made him hotter.

ha. try and find any of this shit in a dream dictionary.

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