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Saturday, April 30, 2005

lazy day, lazy me

so, i'm not up to much. not a lot to blog about, but i figure if i just keep writing, something intelligent will come out of it. or possibly not.

today's breakfast: dry corn pops and beer.
today's lunch: cheez-its and coffee.
mmm. life is good.

i've been digging through my old poetry journals and found one from high school. it was good for a few laughs, maybe there was one or two that could pass for good at two in the morning. it's scary how right after i wrote them, i thought they were good. it makes me think, what will i think of the poetry i'm writing now, like, in 10 years or so? i don't normally post them on my poetry page unless i believe there might be at least a shred of decent in them. maybe i'm just fooling myself. i need to get out more, though. i need more to write about.

i saw somewhere, and thought it was amusing.
Why Geeks and Nerds Are Worth It...
and from experience, most all of it is true. although, i'm a geek, myself. haha.

i opened my Kelloggs Corn Pops yesterday and got an awesome red lightsaber spoon:

i feel ultra nerdy, since i never get corn pops, unless there is a badass lightsaber spoon prize inside.

i will always be a kid.

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