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Sunday, February 20, 2005

creepy awesome dream.

i watched Hot Shots last night (starring charlie sheen, yum yum) and had the nuttiest dream afterwards...

...jenny's dream sequence...

so i was at some random house babysitting (?) i guess, but the owner of the home was there and i'm not sure where the children were. anyway, there was a knock on the door and the guy that lived there answered and BOOM it was charlie sheen. he wanted to come in but the dude wouldn't let him, there was a scuffle and charlie ended up shooting the guy. and being the sheen fan that i am, i offered to help him hide the body. so we rolled the dead guy up in a rug and hid him (this is smart) in one of the CLOSETS. haha. nobody would think to look THERE. haha.

so i take off with charlie in his car and he tells me that no one would find us if we moved to france. and i was all for it "i've never been to another country before, this is gonna rock." so we got on a plane, and when we get to france, one of my friends from WA is there waiting for us. turns out she lived in france at the time and said we could stay with her. then i was like FUCK i forgot my son!

like i could forget davey. gawd.

but i get back on the plane and tell them i'll be right back (apparently the plane ride only took an hour or so. i was riding SUPER PLANE) and went to pick up davey at my parents' house. and they were asking me why i was taking davey to france.

i told them i wanted to study abroad.

*hides face in hands*

...end of dream...

ok, i understand i got the whole charlie sheen thing from watching the movie...but WTF was up with the rest of it?

"studying abroad"


Anonymous said...

*laughing* That picture is awesome.

Lewis E. Moten III said...

Oh my god. That is so funny. I always do weird things in my dreams too.


Jenny said...

and the funny thing is, all the wacked out shit that happens in my dreams seems perfectly normal at the time. this dream didn't start seeming strange till about 10 minutes after i woke up. then i was like WTF.

i have to admit i didn't want to wake up from kickin it in france with charlie sheen. aside from the brutal murder of a faceless homeowner, this dream rocked my socks.