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Wednesday, December 29, 2004


not sure why it is, but i've had some pretty fucked up, violent dreams the past few nights.

sunday night:
in this dream, i was coming out of 7-11 with some nachoes and a surge (remember surge? i miss those). as i was coming out, two wild jungle-looking dudes with bloody machetes were going in (apparently they didn't see me coming out). they killed everyone inside. i could see body parts flying around and blood squirting from decapitated heads. the whole works. i stood there frozen, clutching my nachoes and surge, staring in the front window. as soon as they were done, they looked up and saw me. one pointed his machete at me and mouthed "you're dead." then i woke up.

monday night:
in my dream, i was in the bathroom at night, drying off from a shower. i heard some crazy noises out in the hall. my son screaming (he screams sometimes when he's happy). my dad shouting. things hitting the walls. i was in the bathroom for a half hour hearing all this while i got dressed and put on makeup. when i finally poked my head out to see what the fuck was going on -- my dad's decapitated head rolled down the hall. i looked down the hall into the living room and saw the two men with machetes. there was a pile of bloody body parts behind them. then i woke up.

last night:
i dreamt i was a bird! this one started off great. i was flying through clouds with everyone else i have ever known. we were all magically transformed into birds and all of us were having the times of our lives. apparently, however, there was a trick to landing that none of us knew about, and the clouds were a lot lower than we thought. most of us hit the ground and died. i survived, but my family didn't. when we hit the ground, we were turned back into humans, and from the twisted mass of bodies, i'd say only 10% of us survived. out of thousands of people. then i woke up.

what the fuck?? i'm not a violent person, this is not what i'm thinking about before i go to sleep, so why am i dreaming it??

anyone do dream interpretations? if someone can find some sort of meaning for these, i'd love to hear it.


Scott C. Smith said...

Dreams are weird. For about seven years I experienced two recurring dreams, one about finding myself in high school (at my current age) and in the dream I'm trying to tell people I already graduated but I never get through to anyone in the dream, so I end up being stuck in school.

The other dream would be my being called back into the military (I got out in '92) and again, the same sort of situation, when the time comes for me to leave I can never convince the characters in the dream that I'm supposed to be discharged.

Oddly enough, the dreams ended four years ago. I don't know why.

And...I had frosted mini-wheats and an english muffin for breakfast.

Jenny said...


Mimi said...

WoW that is some weird stuff! I always remember my bad dreams and rarely remember the good stuff. It sucks too because I'll sit in bed for an hour trying to figure out what the hell I dreamt about. Whoopsies! I'm starting to ramble. =)

Nice blog!

Jenny said...

i used to have some pretty cool dreams. but that was before i moved here. maybe it's all the rednecks giving me nightmares.

Jenny said...

I just found one of my old dream dictionaries (boy, are those things a waste of time). For kicks, I looked up what what dreaming of death means.

"Witness a killing and a change is coming which you are not going to like."

Now I'm going to try and prove it wrong. *grin*