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Friday, April 01, 2005

chick movie

i'm not the biggest fan of romantic comedies. i usually try to stick to weird and disturbing, as opposed to cute and girly. but while i was flipping around the movie channels last week or so, i stopped and watched part of 13 Going On 30. this was a movie i was so determined not to go see in the theaters. it was a cute girly chick movie. yuuuuuck.

well, i bought the dvd the other day. i adore it for some reason. i think 80% of the reason i like it is mark ruffalo. yums.

but anyways, it's a fun movie. it's got a mostly 80's soundtrack with artists like talking heads (burning down the house), the go-go's, micheal jackson (thriller), rick springfield, madonna, BILLY JOEL (vienna -- an awesome song), etc. gawd, i'm such a...chick. but it's one of those movies that makes you wanna hug a fluffy pillow.

on a different-ish note, i found a link on A World of Chaos to this kewl site that you type in your birth date and it will tell you the #1 song on that day either in the US or UK.

mine was My Sharona by The Knack.

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