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Friday, April 29, 2005

my yahoo 360 blog

so i finally decided to try out Yahoo! 360°. so far, it's great, other than the fact that you can't change the layout or colors or anything. every page looks the same. *yawn* although i do like the friends aspect (sorta like livejournal) in that you can pick and choose what friends see what posts (i think, if i read right, i have yet to mess with that, as i've only got 2 friends on there so far).

but anyways...

i hate it when the punk kids up the street start screaming. at almost 2 in the morning. my brother called the police. again. blah. it's funny how i'm now calling teenagers "punk kids," i'm too young for that, i think. it's ok, i make up for my crotchetiness (is that even a word...) by watching blues clues.

speaking of family programming, i saw Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events tonight. it was pretty good, although through the whole movie my brother kept saying "can you believe that's jim carrey? it doesn't even look like him..."

what crack is he on. (that was more of a statement, i think, than a question). any movie jim carrey is in I CAN ALWAYS TELL IT'S HIM because he always acts like a complete BABOON'S ASS. i didn't even have to hear him talk. he plays the same character in every movie: BABOON'S ASS. but aside from that, it was a great movie. i'm trying to find the darker family/children's movies for davey so i have someone to watch horror movies with when he gets older, dammit.

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