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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

a brand new bike! with training wheels!

no, not for me.

i got davey a schwinn thrasher bike the other day. he'll beg all morning to go ride bikes, but i won't let him go out alone (of course, he's only 4) and i won't go outside looking like i just woke noon (so ashamed). so i get my shower, spiff myself up a little in order to go out in the front yard (haha) only to have davey ride the bike for 3 minutes. then he runs back inside to play game boy.

i need to get this boy to play outside more often. he's normally content to be cooped up in the house watching videos, playing spiderman dress-up, playing game boy, learning to read. but it's starting to seem unhealthy. instead of going out to play, he sits with me and talks about movie special effects or the skeletal system.

he went out to play with the neighbor girl (same age as him) yesterday, but he spent the entire time telling her not to do this and don't do that, it's bad. when she left the yard to go play by the trees, davey stood at the edge of the lawn yelling GET BACK HERE NOW! i have a feeling he'll end up being a hall moniter when he gets to school. and have no friends.

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