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Monday, January 03, 2005

stupid stupid stupid ME

gawd. never again will i listen to my brother. i was supposed to call about an interview today, for a good paying job, too. a place where my brother had already gotten hired. his first day was today.
i got a call an hour or so after he was supposed to start work. "jenny, they don't have work, they sent me home and I'm on a waiting list til february. they want more experienced people." ok, that sucks. "jenny, come down to this other temp agency, they have work where we can start tomorrow." sounds good.
so what do i do? i blow off the call about the interview. hey, no work for a month (or more)?? bad. work tomorrow? good.
so i fill out my life story at this temp agency (the third i've been to in 4 months) and they give a tour at this auto parts place (that i really don't feel like working at) and then THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE ANY OPENINGS YET! FUCKIN-A!
so then, said brother wants to run all over town shopping before we go home. get home too late to call the guy about the interview (remember the interview) for the place i wanted to work at in the first place. he had left a message to call quick, he had an IMMEDIATE OPENING.

gawd i hate my brother.

and i dyed my hair red. (note the new pic to the side) it's more of a dark auburn, though.


Buzzy Coltrane said...

I had an interview through a temp. agency for a perfect and easy job last year, but I didn't get the job. I was perfectly qualified for it, but I think they didn't want me working there because I would have been the only guy. Good money, great benefits...*sigh*

Jenny said...

yeah, ya know, i notice at the places (factories & warehouses) that temp services place me, there are normally way more chicks than dudes. what's up with that shit? don't dudes normally go more for the manual labor? more physical strength and such? hm. guess the tables have turned *insert evil laugh here*