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Thursday, January 20, 2005

should i cool it or should i blow...

i was recently invited to stay with a friend in WA, should things turn out to suck here and i say "screw you, virginia, i'm leaving." so now i feel the need to make a list of any good reasons to stay where i am. if there turns out to be less than 10 reasons, hello WA.

1. family. i moved here because of family and i can't imagine my son not being able to see my parents, aunts and grandma. he's attached to them in a major way. should i up and move across the country, just he and i, with hardly any money to my name, when the hell would i see them next?? holidays would be a drag.
2. friends move away. should i move back, will i have anyone that i know i can depend on, in case something happens to me, to look after my son? sure, i have friends there now, but for how long. half of my friends have already spread to other states.
3. i like this idea of starting over. no one has expectations of me. well, except for my family, and they'll just have to deal. i can be the girl i want to be and not the girl my friends expect me to be.
4. the thunderstorms here are bloody awesome.
5. the desert sucked. here, i don't have dust blowing into my eyes 24/7. in the part of WA i came from, everything was brown and dead looking. anyone who finds beauty in that is on crack. things are green here. there's not a sprinkler in every yard because it actually rains.
6. not every guy here is a redneck. i've found 4 within 10 miles of me that seem...well, maybe not so normal, or freakish like me, but i'm sure they have all their teeth and don't worship nascar. unfortunately, i've only talked to them online, but it means that there's hope. i just might have to look harder. because the mens have got to be out there. maybe. *crosses fingers...and toes*
7. hush puppies. nowhere in wa did i see hush puppies. i fuckin love those things.
8. jenny. ghost hunter. there are "haunted" places everywhere i look in this state. and really old cemeteries. wicked awesome. so i wouldn't have to go so far for an adrenaline rush.
9. there is not a hastings (entertainment superstore) anywhere in the state of virginia. which is just fine by me.
10.'mon jen, there has to be one more...OK here's one. cigarettes are cheaper. doesn't seem so important. but you people don't realize how much i smoke.

ok, there it is. i'm staying. at least until the golden corral stops serving hush puppies...


Anonymous said...

I'd be happy to see you back.. but I definitely understand your reasons for staying. You're right about that moving thing.. who knows where I'll end up?

Jenny said...

i get the feeling that same anonymous-person-from-WA keeps commenting on my bloggie and won't fess up who they are. email me?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you're right, it's me. I don't see you much on instant messaging, so I have to harass you someplace.. *grins*

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