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Monday, January 24, 2005

the arrival

i just got done watching The Arrival and The Second Arrival.
man, does part 2 ever suck ass. i loved the first one

but the effects in the sequel were so b-movie and lame. there was even a car chase, for fuck's sake. nothing says suck like a corny-ass car chase. that's when they realize they don't have enough action going on, so they say "hey, it worked in the dukes of hazzard" and boom. i'm made to sit through a 5 minute car chase because they don't have enough story to fill and hour and a half.

i think i'm just bitter because charlie sheen wasn't in the sequel. i SO get made fun of every time i admit that i think charlie sheen is hot. but dammit. he is.

not so much those sunglasses, though...

1 comment:

Jenny said...

oh, yeah. i'd be his crack ho anytime. BOOM!