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Thursday, January 13, 2005

jenny. ghost hunter.

i totally need to be a ghost hunter. that would so complete my life. seriously, though, for the past few nights i've been hearing some bizarre noises out in the hall. at about 3 or 4 in the morning. i know it's probably the heater kicking on. but after reading my horror novel before bed, there's only one thing i can think of. and really, i want it to be a ghost, because if it was a psycho murderer with a machete, that would really suck.

i've been teaching my son how to do pilates. not that he needs it or anything, i mean, he's only 4. but it's nice to know that there's someone in this world that sucks at pilates more than myself. aw...yeah, that's mean. it's funny, though. he gets into this one pilates pose and just wobbles backwards every time. like a weeble. everyone thinks it's so cute. i feel silly because i do the same thing when i'm in the same pose. somehow it doesn't seem quite as cute...heh.

and on a final note...for anyone coming here through Blog Clicker...BOOM! i slay!

after hours and hours of not getting shit (ie: you LOSE, you LOSE, YOUR A LOSER), i finally fucking won. not that it makes a lot of difference when it's only 9 credits, but at least it was some positivity. i was about to tell them to shove their stupid fakey slot machine.

so thank you Blog Clicker.


Anonymous said...

omg i was so feeling the same's almost like ARE YOU SURE THAT STOOPIT SLOT MACHINE EVEN WORKS? Then there were all these people on the tag board going on about how many credits they had won and i'm like, what has blogclicker got against me? Next thing i know, i'm winning 10 credits..*laugh*

Anonymous said...

Just make sure you keep the giant rubber band away from him!

Jenny said...

okay, yeah, i hid the resistance band. haha. he's too much like me.

Anonymous said...

It's bad enough that he could hurt himself with it, but knowing kids, he'd probably find a way to start destroying things..