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Sunday, January 16, 2005

about damn time

it's finally snowing. so exiting. it needs to get all deep now, stay for a week or two, then melt away and get warm again. but i doubt that will happen, since it's already been snowing for a few hours and there's not much on the ground. the gods are teasing me. so, fuck you, clouds. right in the ear. um. if clouds had ears...

i just got done reading The Revelation by Bentley Little.

very awesome. here's some great reasons to read it:
  • burning churches
  • a cross made out of feces
  • an army of evil fetuses murdering people
  • a bunch of sacreligous whatnot
  • preacher eating a moldy corpse
  • goat slaughter
  • pregnant 80 year old chick

and that's only a few things. this book slays. BOOM!

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