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Friday, September 02, 2005

i am dream ninja! boom!

after davey went to school this morning, i conked out again for a few hours (aaah, that felt nice) and had this dream:

:: jenny's dream sequence::

a mob guy that lived on my street kidnapped davey. he kept my mom and i and two other women locked in the empty master bedroom of one of the houses on the street. the windows overlooked all the backyards. it was halloween and there was a big corn maze out back with lots of kids running around in costumes. davey was dressed like a ghost. and he was having fun. my mom still had her cell phone and slipped into the bathroom to call someone. i wondered why they let her keep her cell phone.

i started describing all the physical pain i was going to inflict on the mob guy if i ever came face to face with him. the guy had two bodyguards, and apparently he didn't pay them or something, so they turned on him. they grabbed the guy and dragged him upstairs to me, holding his arms so he could hardly move. i beat the SHIT out of the guy. he was bloodied beyond recognition. i got davey back. it turned out this guy had a wife and a child of his own, but he left them, moved further down the street and started kidnapping children. i saw his wife on the news begging him to come back to her.

:: end of dream sequence ::

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