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Sunday, September 11, 2005

random seriousness

i was in WA, in my parents' living room with davey. he was one then, walking wobbly, and his favorite show was still Bear in the Big Blue House on the disney channel, which we were watching. i wish he still watched that, now all he watches is the Making of: Jurassic Park, or the Star Wars: Behind the Scenes. there are no disturbing news flashes on the disney channel, though, so we were all relatively ignorant and blissful.

my parents were in the kitchen, drinking coffee, making breakfasts, talking. it was peaceful and so everyday. i think i might have still been in my pajamas.

my brother tore through the front door. "they're bombing us! the world trade center is gone! the pentagon is gone! aren't you watching the news?? turn on the news!" he is known to exaggerate, so no one was alarmed.

"but david's watching Bear..."

we flipped the channel, and...of all the times my brother has blown things out of proportion, i wish that time would've been one of them.

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