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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

amish nightmare

my nightmares usually involve something like killers, men with machetes, the end of the world. i'll wake up sweating, out of breath and disoriented. well, i had a nightmare last night, and it had the same effect on me, yet it was about supermarkets and an amish dude...

:: jenny's dream sequence ::

i was working at a the floors. i didn't like it (big surprise there). i went home, then the next day, i got a phone call. i could hardly understand the person on the other end, so for some reason i just assumed it was someone from the supermarket calling me in to work. i was like, "sure, ok." a little bit later, an amish dude came up to the house. apparently he had sold me a car the day before (HA, an amish car salesman, gawd) and he said that it was in the contract that since he sold the car to me, i had to marry him. we were standing in the front yard talking. i was trying to back slowly into the house so i could run in and lock the door. i was trying to tell him that's not the way things work, and i would just sell him the car back in that case, and he was like, "no, no, my mother has it all arranged."

:: end of dream sequence ::

at this point (5am), davey ran into my room with a bloody nose. as unpleasant as that is, i felt relieved. my son may be bleeding profusely from the face, but at least i don't have to marry some random amish dude in exchange for a car.

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