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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

when i die...

i want to be buried. none of this cremation shlock. i want to be stuck in the ground. in the creepiest looking cemetery possible. with old gravestones. and monuments. and crumbling statues. the whole nine yards. somewhere where my wicked awesome ghost will want to haunt for eternity. i want my headstone to wear away and chip, get old, so that when people walk by it in hundreds of years, they'll be like, "oh gawd, check this one out, it's so old!! look, it's from 2060..." yeah, i don't plan on dying soon, haha, but i just thought i'd have that written...somewhere, for the record.

ok, i know it's morbid. i just love old cemeteries. i went shopping with my brother today, and on the way we drove through a badass old cemetery, the kind with crazy monuments and there was a bunch of confederate soldiers stuck in there, pretty cool. all the more awesome while eating hot dog stand hot dogs with the rock station blasting (ok, maybe not so respectful, but what do they care, they're fucking dead). i had davey with me. i don't know if it's right to shout to a four year old (five on saturday), "hey, look sweetie, this is where all the dead bodies are buried," but hey, he's gotta learn sometime. earlier today, he said, "mommy, i wanna go feed the ducks and see the corpses!" my son slays the day.

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