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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

high school dream

had a weird dream last night, and for some reason, even after being awake for a few hours without writing it down, i still remember it pretty good, so here, i'll write it down for you lucky bastards before i forget it...

:: jenny's dream sequence ::

i was visiting at my old high school, at a drama class. not the same drama teacher as i had in high school but i saw him there, only he looked more like richard dreyfuss. this drama teacher i was visiting, she read my palm and then had me pass out papers or something, and i was like "wtf, i'm only visiting you, i aint part of the class" and she was like "but it's in your palm, you are my helper"

after that i roamed the halls, and instead of the ratty looking yellow paint from when i went there, there was carpet on the walls. there were little tv's at each corner playing a video that made it look like they were little fireplaces. and all the lockers were digital or something, all the students had little key cards. it was all high tech. i was jealous.

then the kids started going home, and i noticed all these wicked awesome cars parked in the field next to where the city busses parked, they were all "pimped out" or whatever, but i saw this awesome one, it was a hearse and it had a bed in the back, and i saw one of the kids just hop in it and go to sleep instead of going home, it was so weird.

then i guess i had to take the city bus home, but it was getting dark and i had a hard time finding the 26 bus (at least i think that's what bus it was) to take me to the transit center, there were like, 30 city busses parked outside the school, so somehow i ended up getting on an airplane.

:: end of dream sequence ::

i've had dreams like this before. well, the visiting high school and trying to find the bus part. and it's always the last bus of the day, so i'm always freaking out in the dreams that i'll be stranded. i have an irrational fear** of being stranded, maybe.

and i just saw the end of Mr. Holland's Opus the other day, so that accounts for the Richard Dreyfuss thing, he sorta reminds me of my old drama teacher anyway.

i just plain don't get the rest.

**speaking of irrational fears, i found a phobia list, and found out that i am Coulrophobic, which is the irrational fear of clowns. but i think the best phobia ever... is Zemmiphobia, which is "fear of the great mole rat".

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