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Monday, July 04, 2005

hostage & comet

i watched Hostage last night. i only really watched it because of bruce willis. or more importantly, to see bruce willis looking all anguished. ghaaaa, yes, i'm a freak. normally this isn't the sort of movie i watch, but for what it was, it was a great movie. the only thing that bothered me was the very beginning, because for one, a kid dies. that always bothers me because i immediately think of davey. i don't think i spoiled the movie by saying that, since it's at the freaking beginning and i like to be warned that something like that's going to happen right off so i'm not freaked out and have to run out of the room to check on davey. the second thing that bothered me about the beginning was bruce willis's freaking beard. yuck, man. the dude is hot, but not with that nasty hobo beard, no way. but no worries (because i know everyone was SO worried), it's gone for the rest of the movie.

on a different note, i did stop the movie partway through to hop outside to see if i could see a comet getting it's ass kicked. it was overcast here up til a little after 2am, then the clouds magically parted and BOOM. either i saw a UFO, or it was a comet getting it's ass kicked. or it was a high flying firefly, haha. i wasn't sure exactly what the fuck it was supposed to look like, so who knows. but it made me happy enough to do a jig on the front porch. yes, sometimes i jig. get over it.

and YAY i'll see some kickass fireworks at the park tonight. so HAPPY 4th, EVERYBODY. and because nothing says "independence" like fire and a giant phallic shaped building...

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