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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

jenny the time bomb

i'm at the point where my entire family is irritating me beyond belief. i'd love to say it's their fault, but it's probably just me. when someone talks to me, i automatically grit my teeth, because i know whatever it is will be something negative. my jaw hurts from it. that irritates me too. the TV irritates me. the phone irritates me. my own name being shouted across the house irritates me. my brother is talking to me at the same time as my son. that irritates me. now my mother. that's three people in my bedroom talking to me all at once. overload. go away. i'm going to scream.

what the fuck is wrong with me. where did my calm go. i blame the government. and courney love, just because i hate her so much.

now i'm about to go do the grocery shopping. at wal mart. i'm glad i don't own a gun.

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