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Monday, July 04, 2005

fireworks...and eddie money

went to the park to watch the fireworks tonight. very awesome indeed. when we got to the park, though, i notice a little sign with marker writing that said, "EDDIE MONEY, LIVE IN SHERANDO PARK, 4TH OF JULY!!" what the...

yes, people. eddie money. playing in this tiny hick town. eddie money! known for such hits as Take Me Home Tonight Me Home Tonight! haha. ok, i admit i've never been a fan. but that song brings back some memories. mostly of going to the carpet store with my best friend's family when i was 7. but still, it's a memory.

i watched the concert with my mom, who was even kind of excited about it. "Ooooh, Take Me Home Tonight..." yup, mom. that's the guy. but i couldn't help bad does this dude's career have to play a free a little redneck a park...while people are waiting around to see fireworks...

but honestly, i enjoyed it. the guy cracked me up, because i think he yelled more to the crowd than actually sang, and he just started barking out some gibberish in the middle of one of his songs. plus, the chick singing part in Take Me Home Tonight...that was sang by his daughter. and she even sang a song by herself. she had one hell of a voice.

the actual fireworks slayed the day, too. but i think anything would impress me after seeing the redneck neighbors just tossing a bunch of firecrackers in a trash can and lighting it up. BOOM.

and we even waved sparklers around when we got home...only we call them "cigarettes."

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