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Monday, March 28, 2005

you know i'm right.

my fucking gawd, if i read any more blogs about the schiavo whatnot i'm going to pull the plug. on my computer. but, hey, i thought since everyone else is blogging about it, i'll join the flock of stupid and put my two cents in (as if my opinion is really worth that much).

i don't know the woman. oooh, they removed her feeding tube. wow. really, deep down, i don't care. it happens every day. vegetables die. innocent people die. puppies die. do i care? no, because for one, i DON'T know this woman, and also, i'm desensitized and a cold bitch. but what gets me is that there are a whole lotta people pretending to care, when they know (deeeeeeep down in their cold little hearts) that they don't give a FLYING FUCK. they're just voyeurs waiting for her to die so that they have their entertainment for the day. at least i don't pretend to care and poke my nose into other people's lives and values for the entertainment of it all.

the only thing that i feel when i see her on tv: if i end up being a retarded looking vegetable, my parents better not put my face all over the TV. i don't care if they starve me or not, i just wouldn't want people staring a my big veggie face.

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