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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

fear of the dark

just watched some movie i had never heard of before it came on one of the movie channels called Fear of the Dark.

it wasn't the scariest movie, not a lot of violence, no death. only a PG13 deal. but the thing that freaked me out a bit -- the...i don't know if you'd call him a ghost or monster or what...the guy that lives in the dark -- he looks almost exactly like the dude in one of my nightmares. he had this enormous mouth that's stuck in this permanent smile *ugh* and weird teeth and some bone was showing so he was almost skeletal. the movie cover (above) does a bad job representing what he looks like. when the dude appears in the closet in the movie, i could've shit the bed. oh my fuck, it startled me. and he shakes his head around all fast (that always freaks me out too, people shaking their heads unnaturally fast, or that effect where they have someone moving all jerky, like it's in reverse but not). i know, i'm a wuss. but why watch the stuff if it didn't freak me out. that's the whole point of horror movies.

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