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Friday, March 04, 2005

my lack of politics, and a mommy rant

as i don't have a political bone in my body...and i don't think i've ever posted about politics on here before, i'm not about to start now. HA. but here's a link that is. and so true, i might add.

on another note, i'm sure i'm getting the flu. blech.

anyway, i watched Godsend last night. it was good, but what really gets to me: i have trouble with movies when tragedy strikes young children. especially when it's a boy, and someone's only child. i think that could easily happen to davey and i start bawling like a retard. it's like i replace the character with davey, then i have to pause the movie to go run and check on him.

i remember, before i was a mother, i would laugh at death scenes, no matter who was involved. and another thing. i used to swear in front of young children without much thought (bad jenny) before davey came along. it never occurred to me that they are sponges. and they are. sponges i tell you. i can't stand people like that now. don't get me wrong, i never stopped swearing, and once in awhile, i DO slip with a fuckedy fuck or shitbiscuit, but he points his little finger at me and screams "MOMMY, you said a BAD WORD!" and i cower into the kitchen and make him a sammich.

and if, gawd forbid, he should let slip out an "asshole" or a "dammit," he cringes for a second and gets all wide eyed like puss in boots in shrek.

i'm sure that won't work when he starts kindergarten.

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