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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Ladder 49

just bought Ladder 49 today, haven't watched it yet, though. i'm not some big firefighting nut or anything, but it has three of my favorite eye candies in it:
eye candy + eye candy + eye candy = yummy movie?

i'm really hoping it's good, because if it's not, it would be an awful waste of pretty faces.

update: watched it. it was alright. probably won't watch it again, but it's one of those i was glad i saw once. but i'm not too into the whole firefighting scene.

it wasn't a waste of pretty faces, though. joaquin never fails to make me melt. travolta's losing some of his attractivness. he was one of those guys that look better when they're older, but for some reason his face looked really...wide? i don't know.

the only thing that REALLY annoyed me: robert patrick's mustache. why? WHY??

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