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Saturday, March 12, 2005

superdick and comfort music

i found the funniest site that exposes superman's inner asshole. go now, and check out the comic book covers. so funny i bit my tongue laughing. then i bit the cat. just because.

i've been listening to a lot of 80's music lately. do you have that singer or band that just hearing it calms you and makes you feel like everything's gonna be alright? well, i have a lot of those. lately i've been listening to a lot by two such singers: billy joel and peter gabriel. but really, i have a lot of comfort music in general, like:

-counting crows. there is something about adam duritz's crackly voice that makes me feel cozy.

-jimmy eat world. other than the fact that the sound of jim adkins' voice makes me warm and snuggly, it conjures up the image of his face (pictured right), which makes me melt.

-morrissey. for a while there, when i was having trouble sleeping, i would put Asleep by The Smiths on repeat in my CD player.

this is the music i listen to all the time, and on the off change that anyone would happen to have the same eccentric taste in music as i do, try popping open my radio. it's got a lot of my comfort music in it, plus a lot of randomness. good times, good times.

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