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Sunday, March 06, 2005

the hitcher 2

do you ever watch movies where you want the good guy/chick to die, just for being so goddam stupid?

i just watched The Hitcher 2 (i've never seen the first Hitcher and don't plan to now) and DAMN, i hated the main character. the story supposedly picks up with a guy that had been terrorized by an insane hitchhiker in the first movie. he and his girlfriend (a dumb bitch) decide "hey, we need a vacation, let's go to where you were terrorized by that hitchhiker!" and lo and behold. they are terrorized by a hitchhiker. *yawn* same hitchhiker? not a clue.

it was the dumb bitch that INSISTS on letting the hitchhiker into the car. actually, she reached over with her foot from the passenger side and hit the brakes. what the fuck?? who the fuck would do that? a DUMB BITCH. ugh. and so, blah blah blah, boyfriend dies, blah blah blah, hitchhiker is after her, making it look like she was the one killing all these people, blah blah blah. i was hoping the whole time she'd end up going to prison, or shot, or chopped up.

the movie ends when she kills the hitchhiker, no mention of what happens afterward. so i make up my own ending: she ends up having to have all of her limbs amputated, then goes to prison, where she is hung from the ceiling and used as a punching bag. the end.

it wasn't the most amazing movie. but Jake Busey played the hitchhiker, and i think he plays an awesome psycho. plus it seems that Steve Railsback has been randomly popping up in half the movies i've been watching. he played a police officer in hitcher 2, and was only alive for about one minute of the movie. steve railsback played in ed gein and a couple of x files episodes as duane barry. he reminds me of my brother's old best friend's dad, from like 18 years ago. or whatever, i'm rambling.


Scrawler said...
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Scrawler said...

I agree with you! Hitcher 2 is completely naff! Some movies are annoying to watch 'cos the people in them are so totally stupid! The first Hitcher is good. Nothing like the second one. Rutger Hauer is cool as the hitcher :)

Jenny said...

i might give in a watch the first movie. as long as it's not another movie where i want to bite the main character in the leg.