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Saturday, March 26, 2005

easily confused

there's nothing like waking up from some crazy dream to your family squealing about walking octopuses. really. i was quite disoriented when i woke up from a dream about...uh...something about trains and birthday parties and other nonsense that i have no business dreaming about. the first thing i hear (well, other than davey screaming MOMMY I WANNA SAMMICH which is normal) is JENNY OH MY GOD THE OCTOPUSES ARE WALKING AROUND LIKE HUMANS!

i got scared. i thought they were walking out of the ocean.

hey, don't make fun, i had just woken up.

last night was pretty damn confusing, too. after watching two previously recorded episodes of the x files, i watched this movie called octane. it barely had a plot, and i didn't like it, but it's one of those movies that makes you feel all strange after you watch it.

here's the "plot": a mother is driving her teenage daughter home from her dad's house, they have a fight, the teenage daughter runs off with a cult. the cult is a group of mostly teenage runaways who cause car accidents, dress up as paramedics and steal the people's blood before the real paramedics get there. and there is a lot of random making out between cult members.

if the movie had any kind of twist, it could've been okay. but still, just okay. i think it would've made it more interesting if the mother was actually insane and imagining it all, and chasing after innocent people in motor homes screaming GIVE ME BACK MY DAUGHTER when in fact, her daughter never left her dad's house. or better yet, maybe it would've been better if it turned out that she really had no daughter.

maybe it would've been better if they never made the movie.

there's one scene where the main character (the mother) is just laying against the wall with a child sized crash test dummy in her lap. it really has nothing to do with the movie. nothing. i thought they should've just rolled the credits after that scene. the movie still wouldn't have made sense, but it would've been hella funny as the last scene.

lame as lame. gawd, that movie sucked.

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