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Monday, February 21, 2005

smells and flashbacks.

y'know what's weird? i was away from virginia for 13 years, and i still remember all the smells. 13 years, and my happy nostrils never forgot what the rain smells like. the rain in WA smelled different. it smelled all musty and dirty, i hated it. when it pours here, i want to run out and dance around in it.

i miss growing up. even though i was an outcast as a child, still i miss it. catching fire flies, riding my bike around in the woods to the train tracks, my bothers and their friends smoking in the treehouse, camping out in the yard, making a homemade slip n' slide out of trash bags and tent stakes (ouch). i had this snoopy scooter when i was a kid, i took the handles off so it looked my a skateboard, and when my older brothers would go out skateboarding with their friends, i'd lay on my belly on my board and push myself down the street. i miss that. i probably looked like a giant retard, but i didn't care. that's the beauty of it. good times. if i did something like that today 1. i would look like a bigger retard, 2. embarrass my family, and 3. break the fucking board.

awesome. it's lightning out now.

apparently, now, that little town in northern VA that i grew up in has all these expensive houses and whatnot. i remember when i lived there, it was nothing. my family was far from rich. our neighbors were white trash bastards with cars up on blocks and millions of cats. entire families working at 7-11. man. things change. i'm afraid to go and see where i grew up now. i don't want to know that they tore our treehouse down (which i'm sure they have). i don't want to see how much of the woods across the street has been cleared away for other things.

gawd. why am i getting all fucking serious.


Lewis E. Moten III said...

Embarassing the family actually sounds like a good reason to do something retarded. But then again, that is just me. I don't have millions of cats, but I do have 9. Does that qualify me for white trash status?


Jenny said...

i embarass my family every chance i get, actually. and 9 cats is fine. it's when it gets to be, like, 30 cats, half of them sick looking and half starved so they hang around the surrounding neighbors' houses begging for food. that's pretty bad.

it's awesome to have a bunch of pets if you're willing to take care of them.

Meg said...

Hi there. I'm wondering where in northern VA you grew up. That's where I'm stuck now...transplanted from Illinois.

Love the name of your blog!

Jenny said...

i grew up in Haymarket.

thanks for the comment! maybe someday i'll explain the origins of my blog title. or i could just leave people in the dark...*evil laugh*