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Saturday, February 19, 2005

cake and decapitation

mmm, i smell cake. and it's chocolate. YUM. it's sad how easy i can say "screw the diet." bad jenny. i feel myself gaining more weight just smelling it. oh, drool. like pavlov's dog, i am. ugh. pathetic.

so i was looking for reviews of a movie that my brother told me was the sickest horror movie ever, cannibal holocaust. would love to see it, every review i read was great. but in my search for reviews and/or clips from the movie, i came upon a message board discussing snuff films. it also had a link to the video footage of nick berg being decapitated. so...since my brother was standing behind me, and egging me on, i clicked on it. i didn't get very far though it before i turned away. fuck, that's real. i can't watch it. my brother, however, watched the whole thing and wouldn't quit talking about it.

i understand people are curious, but i feel too disturbed about it to sit and watch a video of someone actually dying. horror movies are one thing. actors. fake. i don't feel as if i've witnessed something i was never meant to see. but an actual snuff film makes me feel so wrong. if you want to see the clip, go search for it yourselves. you're SO not getting the link from me.


mojo shivers said...

Chocolate cake tastes good. And if tastes good then why sweat it?

After all, if it makes you happy then it can't be that bad...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's just wrong.

As for cake, I am firmly in favor of cake. *nods*

Lewis E. Moten III said...

Just reading about it gave me the shivers. The decapitation that is.

Go ahead - eat the cake.

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