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Saturday, February 19, 2005

cabin fever

geez, this is starting to become jenny's blog of movie reviews.

i just watched cabin fever. very gorey. and bloody. in other words, i loved it.

and i'm so glad i'm finding horror movies that don't end in the "happily ever after" crap. real horror ends unresolved and leaves you with a disturbed feeling. no quick resolution and cleaning up. real horror ends messy.

more reasons to watch it?

  • dark humor
  • there's this little kid with a mullet that always bites people. near the end of the movie, he screams "PANCAKES!" and does some sweet ninja moves. i think he might be mentally retarded though.
  • um. did i say that there's tons of blood? lots of spewage of blood?
  • rider strong. i didn't realize till after the movie was over, but he played the friend in Boy Meets World. he's pretty hot now.

uuuuum. yeah. that's what i'm talkin about. he rocks my socks.
well, in the cabin fever pic. of course.

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