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Friday, January 06, 2006

lack of bloggage

wow, i haven't posted for awhile. i keep meaning to, and then forget what i was going to write, so i say fuggit. BAD ME!

so what have i been doing? i've been cleaning. it feels as though i've spent half of every day washing dishes. i had taken for granted having a dishwasher for...all my life, and GAAAAWD, washing dishes SUCKS. every time i unpack a box a dishes (yeah, i'm not even done unpacking, i'm slow) i have to wash them all WITH MY HANDS. THE HORROR. haha, i'm such a spoiled brat. and i have way too many damned dishes, considering it's only davey and i.

also, i've been watching a fuckload of TV. the only channel i get is NBC, so i get to watch all the shows i've always made fun of. Dr. Phil, Regis & Kelly, soap operas, what is wrong with me, i am glued to these now. yet i still say they suck. i need cable.

new years was alright, didn't party or even go out. davey fell asleep a half hour before midnight after telling me all day he was going to party all night. he's a funny little monkey, that one. so i stayed up, chatted online, drank zima and watched the ball drop. good times...ok, i'm boring.

still looking for work, still bumming at my laptop and doing whatever odd things i normally do online, only now that takes twice as long with a dialup connection. ghaaaaaa, oh, and i had some weird dreams last night...

:: jenny's dream sequence ::

i was moving out of my parents' house, except their house looked different and was much bigger. most of my stuff was up in the attic and i was afraid to go up because the hole in the ceiling to get up there was really small. then when i opened it up, all these spiders ran out and i ran. my dad said to go look for the bug spray in the back yard, so i went back there and saw a skunk. my dad came out and said it was his new pet, and the mofo was sitting right next to the bug spray, so when i went to get it, it sprayed me in the face. my dad throught that was the funniest thing ever. so i found my mom and rubbed up against her just to be an asshole.

next dream, i was driving up to my parents' house in a blizzard, and all the sudden people started skiing down the road and i had to dodge them.

:: end of dream sequence ::

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