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Monday, January 30, 2006

just me complaining

i had better not get sick again for a very, very long time after this nonsense. sunday before last, i came down with the flu. a violent nasty flu that davey came home from school with and most generously shared with me. and it completely kicked my ass.

i thought i had burst a blood vessel in my eye but it turned out to be pink eye. PINK EYE! :( i'd wake up and my eye would be glued shut with nasties. i kept cleaning it every half hour or so and trying every home remedy i could get my hands on (none of which worked) because like FUCK if i'm going to see a doctor.

then came my cold. ok, it was a cold, so it sucked. my throat hurt, my body ached, my head hurt, i couldn't hardly breathe yada yada ya. if it were just the cold i could've dealt with it. but all this while my eye was big and red and sore and oozey...fuck that.

well, my cold is pretty much gone now. my eye started clearing up a little last night, went from red to pink and stopped hurting. and this morning i woke up to see that now both of my eyes are the same color. pink.

DAMMIT, now i'm gonna have to go through all that again with the other eye.

so not fair...

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