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Sunday, January 15, 2006

forget Friday the 13th

it's the day after that i'm worried about now. i thought davey and i'd go visit my parents yesterday. had i checked the weather a little better, i probably would've stayed home. but i'm lame. and i didn't. i knew it was supposed to snow a little, like flurries, nothing to worry about. BLAHS. here's how my Saturday the 14th went:

  • left the house a little late, forgot to go rent Exorcism of Emily Rose to bring up there to watch with my mom, so when i finally remembered, i was almost to their house and was rather bummed, as i didn't plan to go back out in the wind. the horrible, crazy wind.
  • almost to my parents' house, i rounded a corner too fast, hit an ice patch, and donutted into the ditch. yet, miraculously, i was able to drive out of it.
  • pulled into my parents' driveway as their trash can lid flew over the hood of my car. in my heroic attempt to rescue it, i slipped and fell on my ass in the mud. thankfully, i always bring a change of clothes for davey and i when we go to my parents, in case we get trapped there. it's happened before, i'm not paranoid.
  • all evening my mom kept asking my opinion on her new wreath on the front door. "isn't it pretty, jenny? isn't it pretty," and on and on and ON. it blew away. now, as tragic as it is, i can't help but laaaaugh and laaaaaugh at that one. poor mom. :)
  • davey started feeling sick, got the runs and didn't make it to the bathroom in time.
  • in the middle of trying to wash davey's pants and tighty whities, the washing machine stopped working, which wasn't really a problem with the washing machine itself, buuuut....
  • the wind picked up so much that it started to uproot trees (my parents live in the middle of the woods) so i decided then that i was stuck there for the night, especially since a tree had fallen across the end of the driveway, blocking all means of escape.
  • not only was the tree trapping me at my parents' house, it also fell square on the top of the well doohickey pipe in the yard, shattering the cover to it and mashing wires, so there was NO RUNNING WATER, which is why the washing machine wasn't running.
  • davey continued to have the runs all night, and since there was no running water, he couldn't flush the toilet, so the bathroom reeked hella.

BLAHS! i'm staying HOME next weekend!

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