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Monday, December 26, 2005

the aftermath

YAY, christmas is over. not that i don't like christmas, i love it, i act like a kid around the holidays. but this year, after moving myself and helping my parents move, then unpacking and trying to make this place feel like home, i didn't have so much energy. and now i'm relieved for things to get back to normal.

i spent christmas at my parents' house, got a few nifty things. like a lamp, good smelly candles, some manicure whatnot, bath beads, a badass kermit the frog antenna thingy, yada ya. it's ok, i get davey's toys to play with. like a remote controlled car, game boy, DVDs, etc. for when i get over the excitement of getting a LAMP. haha.

i meant to go up there christmas eve with davey, stay the night, open gifts, eat dinner and drive back home. but near dinnertime, i checked outside and...i was fogged in. couldn't see two feet in front of me. now, i'm a bad driver under normal conditions. i like driving, i'm just crazy behind the wheel. but throw some dark and wicked fog into the mix and, man, that would just be disaster. so i stayed another damn night. i've had enough family time to last me AWHILE.

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