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Monday, January 23, 2006

flu and dreamage

ok, so i just got over the flu. which lasted like...a day. or i might still have it, i dunno, i feel like i'm 90 right now. i swear, if i was quiet enough, i could hear my joints creak when i move. soooo....trying not to move. and i've got a bloody eye from some violent regurgitation. that's never happened to me before. i'm sure everyone needed to know that, HAH.

anyways, i think i remembered EVERY TINY DETAIL of one of my dreams last night, so here that is:

:: jenny's dream sequence ::

i woke up and my parents were here. i dunno how they got in, since they don't have a key, but hey, it's a dream. anyways, my mom had cleaned my entire house, and they were just making sure i felt better, then they left.

i went outside to bring the trash can in from the road or something and some teenage girl rollerbladed over and decided to befriend me against my will, and then rollerbladed into my kitchen. i opened my fridge and had a bunch of shrimp in there. i was like...when did i buy shrimp. so then the girl is telling me her little sister is coming over, too, and that they're going to chill at my house until their mom shows up to take them to some church thing. i was too nice to tell her to get the hell out of my house. so her little 10 year old sister shows up with their mom and invites me to the church thing, and i give every excuse to get out of it, like, "I've got a lot of cleaning to do," which they didn't buy, because my house was already clean thanks to my mom. they got all upset because they thought i hated them, and the mom was like, "they're never coming over here again," which was a relief.

then an old friend of mine from WA showed up, apparently he was going to move in with me but i had forgotten all about it and i was so bummed that i wasn't going to have the house to myself. he set up some sort of hammock thing in the living room since i had taken up both of the bedrooms. then he set up a stereo and started blasting that In the Summertime song by Mungo Jerry and that was just plain weird. it was like he was mad at me or something because he wouldn't even talk to me at all, he just moved some of his stuff in and then sat out on the front porch avoiding me.

then one of my old best friends from WA showed up in the parking lot...which was in the front of the townhouses in my dream instead of in the back. she just sat in her car honking the horn, like she wanted me to go out there, but i didn't want to because my new roommate was sitting out on the front porch and i didn't want to be around him because he was mad at me. so she came in and gave me some housewarming present and starting dancing around my living room to the In the Summertime song, which was playing on a loop

:: end of dream sequence ::

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