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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

good news, annoying news

the good news? i'm over my pink eye. and my flu. and pretty much over my cold. i still feel like crappity, but that's normal for me. and least there's nothing leaking out of my face now.

annoying news? here's reason #683 why i don't like watching the news. celebrity gossip. i'm not interested in it, but i wrote a little poem about it this morning, after seeing this on two different news programs.

stupid blonde
bad mother
fuck you
britney spears

ok, it's not a masterpiece. i promise you, this will be the only picture of her i will ever have on this blog. whaaa, she was being terrorized at starbucks. lock your fucking car and put the poor little monkey back in his car seat.

ok, that is all...

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