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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

why me

once i get over one thing, something equally horrifying comes along. as i was leaving to meet the davey at his school bus this afternoon, BOOM, my tooth started throbbing. like the worst tooth pain i've ever had, and with my teeth, i've had plenty of pain. this pain covered the entire side of my face and ear.

so after four ibuprofen and two midol (i couldn't find the tylenol) it finally stopped hurting enough to where i could reach in and poke at the culprit, which is what is left of my wisdom tooth.

the most...unnatural smell came out of my mouth after i started messing with my tooth. like, that should not have been coming from anything human, and here is was in my mouth. YUUUUUUCK.

so i figure it's abscessed. i've never had this happen before and it fucking hurts. i'm mad and in pain and cranky and whiney.


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