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Monday, December 13, 2004


so i went to a buffet restaurant with my son, davey, today for lunch. the waitress came over to ask us if we wanted dinner rolls and was immediately enchanted with my little one (aren't they all). he was flirting. he's a flirt and always will be. it's genetic.

well, just as she was laughing over him telling her about santa and how he's going to bring him ninja turtles, david looked at her and said, "PIMP MY MOM!"

okay, let me explain...heh...

he's not trying to find me a job or anything. he watches the MTV with my brother (i don't watch it since they took the M out of MTV -- where's the music??) and sees the dumb shows like Pimp My Ride and Date My Mom and mixes them up.

the waitress looked a bit shocked, and as i was trying to crawl under the table, she politely told davey she wasn't in that business. and was probably wondering why a 4 year old would have the word PIMP in his vocabulary.


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