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Friday, December 31, 2004

new year's resolutions...

...or as my son calls them, new year's restitutions.

1. keep smoking.
2. keep drinking coffee.
3. keep watching the pilates video in fast forward (while sitting on couch)
4. eat a few more eggrolls
5. make fun of a redneck
6. lose some eyelashes
7. practice singing in the shower
8. say BOOM at inappropriate times


i know, i know. it seems like a lot. but i think i can manage.


Buzzy Coltrane said...

Keep smoking, keep drinking...those are on my restitutions list, too. Maybe we can help each other out and motivate each other!

Jenny said...

well, my goal is to knock a few of them off all in the first hour. i've done all of them today, but i don't think it counts until after midnight.

how's this for motivation. watch pulp fiction at least once a week. i can't get through that fucking movie without smoking at least a half pack of cigarettes.

woodenshoe said...

the weather here sucks-rainy and gray ( south-western side of the netherlands )
....and, i know what it's like to feel a little "out-of-place" - keep writing, it will save your sanity, so to speak.

happy, healthy new year to you and yours!

Jenny said...

out of place. yeah, tell me about it. i'm not even gonna try to fit in with these bitches. i'm gonna turn them all into me! BOOM!

Denise said...

Those are the kind of resolutions more people should make! By the way, I got here via Blog Explosion.

Jenny said...

yay for blog explosion.