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Thursday, December 05, 2013


As small as the world seems sometimes, dull and pointless as things tend to get, there's a thought I come back to when I feel hopeless. All these flat characters around me, they are more. They all hide a cosmos in their minds. They all have dark corners. There is always something interesting, something secret and usually defining. Sacred even. If I look at these people, boring and shallow on the surface, and remember that they must have a depth, that fullness of self that they reserve for different times, people, or even just themselves...when I remind myself of this, I feel a little more whole. Connected. The masses aren't the vacant blobs of flesh as they appear. They are shiny pinpricks of brilliance in disguise. They are real. I am real. I stop rolling my eyes at their acts and begin to wonder what's happening a few layers down.

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