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Monday, September 16, 2013

Spitnoodle, she turned 10 on Friday.

Really? A decade? Have I been writing in this thing for that long? I have been weirdly loyal to this blog, as it was my first. I used to have a decent amount of readers. I used to actually care about that. I get that I really don't have many now, aside than the occasional passerby clicking through to the next Blogger blog, if that. Which is why my posts have become more personal, more for myself. That and my posts meant "for everyone" are posted to Facebook, where I know people will see them. This is now just my odd private/public diary of intensely personal thoughts. That may make me a sort of exhibitionist.

That's really it, I don't have a whole hell of a lot to say tonight. I'm in an okay mood. Yeah, I'm alright. I actually should write more in this sort of mood and not wait until I'm wallowing in self pity and depression. It makes me seem as if that's all I am.

Also, I'm loving everything Steven Wilson / Porcupine Tree / Storm Corrosion. So I will end on this awesome song that will not exit my mind:

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