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Monday, September 02, 2013

Another Stupid List...of the bucket-y sort.

I am at work, unsupervised and a little bored. What do I do when I am bored? Normally, I read, drink, or sleep. The first option is difficult to do for me when I am frequently interrupted by phone calls, and the last two are sadly out of the question, so I will make a stupid list. I am in an unusally happy, sober, bloggy type mood, so I will take full advantage of this odd bit of perkiness. Holy crap, I'd even go so far as to say I'm feeling chipper.

What the fuck am I going to list, though?

Bucket List?


Bucket List!


1. Finish my bachelor's degree in whatever field I am planning to be happy in. Right now I'm still trying to convince myself that this field is Computer Science, but holy hell...calculus. I'm just no good at the math.

2. Visit another country. I've never done it. I've never even been to Mexico or Canada.

3. Fix my body image problems. Really, it's only my weight and teeth that bother me. I don't give a flying fuck what the rest of the world thinks of the way I look, but I'd like to be happy with myself when I look in the mirror. I'd also like to chew my food without fear of breaking more teeth.

4. Get a pug and name it Steve Martin. Get an orangey cat and name it Bill Murray.

5. Write a novel or book of poems or book of something. Something that preserves my me-ness in a form that generations can be disturbed by for years to come.

6. Learn German, or at least enough of it so that I can sing a handful of songs in it.

7. Learn to play the guitar I've had since my 16th birthday.

8. Crochet an entire, giant, crazy colored blanket.

9. Repay anyone who has ever lent or given me money, even if they have said not to worry about it or it was a gift. Starting with my parents and Charlie's. If I don't win the lottery, this one will take...quite a while.

10. I used to aspire to do great things. I think being a good mom, though, is a great thing in itself. So I would like to inspire people to do great things. Hopefully two of these people will be my children. I want to make changes for the good in this world, and inspire others to do the same. I know this is vague, but I'd like to go out knowing I made a contribution to the greater good rather than adding to the world's problems.

11. I want to make everyone I care about really understand how much they mean to me, and let them know that I love them. I try to do this now, on a regular basis. I can't handle the pain of finding out that it is too late to tell someone, "I love you," and the older I get, the more likely I am to run into that situation. I know this is not something I can just check off my list, as it is ongoing, but it seems more important than some bucket list items I've read. For example, bungee jumping or some such nonsense.

12. Go to a showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show and dress up as Magenta (this preferably after I lose the extra weight, I don't want to be a fat Magenta).

13. While I'm on the topic of costumes, I would also like another chance at a Death costume (again, after I lose weight). Last time was a last minute very half-assed attempt. I can do better than that.

14. Write a children's book with Mandy. Or a pseudo-children's book full of funnies and vulgarity.

15. Be happy and stay that way. More or less.


Honestly, I can't think of anything else to add at the moment. I will probably get more ideas on my drive home from work. Or not.

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