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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tunes. I like them.

I'm floating above myself as I run on my treadmill. I drive to and from work in another world. When I shower, I do so in a karaoke bar. Know why? Music. Because I'm either blasting it or singing, I am not inside my skin anymore. Or I am all skin, a ball of nerve endings and breath. I simply exist in the ether, connected to everything.  Sometimes I don't know what the fuck is happening afterward. I inject the audio and trip balls. Of course I didn't hear you, my headphones were making sweet, sweet love to my ears. I'm not driving unless the bass is vibrating my bones, stirring me up, mimicking my soul (or vice versa). It drowns out the thoughts of others. I am not me, I am anyone, I am the color red or a wild animal.

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