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Monday, April 08, 2013

Looking up

I should be kept away from blogger when I'm feeling down. The stupidest shit gets written. I cringe at how angry and pathetic I sound sometimes. Today is a nice day. It's warm. I went outside barefoot and blew bubbles with Lucy, which felt good (aside from the apparent wasp problem we have around our front door, that's rather shitty). I'm losing weight. Lots of it, actually. I'm finally starting to feel good in my own skin. I just need to drop a little more weight and BOOM, I will finally fit into my Mr Bubble pajama pants, and that will be glorious, my friends.

My mom's been in and out of the hospital. I was seriously worried for awhile, because she had to undergo three operations (she had to have her gallbladder removed, then had some sort of nasty bile leakage that needed to be fixed after that) and then still had to go back after all that with pancreatitis. It had me a little crazy, I guess, because I'm very close with my mom. But now it looks like she's in the clear and will probably go home tomorrow. Whew.

I've been getting my stomach aches again. Every morning. Sometimes at night now. Fuck, I think this has been an issue now since at least high school, but it's been just about daily the last 12 years or so, since the birth of my oldest. I don't think I'll see the doctor about it, because I've done that and the medication they had me on made me too drowsy to drive. Fuck that, man. Both doctors I'd seen attributed it to stress. I thought maybe it was IBS. Thought maybe drinking was making it worse, too, but I stopped drinking for awhile and there was no change. Still have no idea, also can't afford a doctor visit. No damn insurance.

But anyway, bitches, I'm feeling happy today.

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