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Saturday, July 28, 2007


i have decided to switch back to blogger commenting. haloscan used to be decent, but after a few months of not logging into their service (and really, why would i log in if everything was working smoothly), they ate all my comments. almost 2 years worth of comments, i believe, and i find that retarded. i can't imagine who would actually pay for their full service, considering how unreliable they are and the fact that they ignore months worth of complaints about this issue. i'm sick of it, man.

so if you've left me a comment in the past...couple years, i didn't delete it. haloscan is a big puckered asshole.

what's nice is that blogger has GREATLY improved their commenting over the past few years. the reason i went with halo was because at that time, blogger was only allowing comments from other blogger users, which is not the case anymore. so i think i'll be happy with this change.


landismom said...

Ugh! That sucks. I've noticed that Blogger's commenting has gotten a lot better myself.

Aaron said...

The pizza by the slice was too thin and didn't have much sauce. I have David's suitcase. I went to a cd shop in Harrisonburg. I'm going to bed now.

Rederanged said...

The world is cruel and unkind
and run by cold and calculating servers as well as humans and monkeys that throw feces you get the point.
Miss ya-

Hobbes said...

Happy holidays. Hope to see you around soon.