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Friday, June 15, 2007

yada yada yada

i'm at work. SURPRISE.

i'm wearing my uber-geek-chic SWEATER VEST, which is now part of my new uniform. same job, new crap. oh, well. at least i smell bitchin, even if i DO look like a dork.

i'm waiting for major change. waiting, because i know it's going to happen. i'm looking for a new job because there's going to be a change of management here and i don't handle that very well. at one of my old jobs, i got pooped on when they changed management (well, not literally, nothing that kinky). so i'd like to duck out of here pretty soon. that and i need more money. that's been an issue since i started here, so i'm not sure why i've stayed here so long.

but this sweater vest is the last straw.

it's killing me that i haven't written anything new in months and months. i, i can't say that, i've written a few things, but my poetry blog is collecting dust. wait....THIS blog is collecting dust. i've written a few poems the old fashioned way, pen and paper (gasp!), i think i'll post them tonight if i get the time.

i've been trying to work up the courage to read something at open mic night at the Little Grill sometime, but Charlie reads and then i feel like i would flop if i tried, i don't have any books out or anything like he does. Davey even got up on stage last time we went and tap danced. he was a hit, too, it was unbelievably awesome. look at that, Davey even got the nerve to get up there on stage. I SUCK!

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