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Thursday, February 08, 2007

the haunting of jenny's house

charlie and i were upstairs as i was online looking for rental cars. suddenly, we both hear it. the VERY creepy sound of two people the same room. yet we were the only ones there, and davey was downstairs. it was very clear that it was SOMEONE whispering, as we both heard that. i haven't a clue as to what it could've been, but i'm still trying to think of some rational explantation before i admit it was ghosts. although, i don't see that explanation as being so irrational.

there have been other episodes at home that make me think there may be more than just davey and i there. last year, as i was standing in the dining room talking on the phone, i was poked in the back. i turned around and no one was there. i have an electronic musical violin magnet that goes off by itself at times when these weird things happen. i hear the stairs creak when it's just me at home, and half the time i can blame it on the neigbor because his stairs are on the other side of the wall from my stairs. but sometimes it happens when the neigbor isn't home.

not only do i have all this to take in, davey is now telling me all about his "brother" or "friend" that died. he says he talks to him. sometimes this friend died in the war. sometimes he was murdered. davey is only 6 years old. it disturbs me to hear him talk that way, especially when he goes into detail about what this "friend" looks like or how he was murdered. *shiver* he has a very active imagination, i know, and this is probably just that, only repeated because it gets a reaction. but still...geez.

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