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Thursday, April 06, 2006

random thoughts

first ten thoughts to pop into my head:

  1. joan rivers' face is scary and inanimate.
  2. brown sugar, sweet onion, mccormick chicken seasoning...remember this until you write it down...oh look, i just wrote it down.
  3. if more women knew the secret of excruciatingly tight pigtails, there would be less women getting facelifts.
  4. my scalp hurts.
  5. i think i had a dream about beaded curtains.
  6. toss me a cigarette, i think there's on in my raincoat, we smoked the last one an hour agooooo....
  7. i'm turning into my mom. i watch soap operas, spend all my time on the computer, drink too much coffee and smoke like a chimney. all i need to do now is shrink five inches and get a perm.
  8. i want a copy cat, like the one on the Staples commercial. >^oo^< meow.
  9. why can't the radio station here play any old Nine Inch Nails songs. it's just the new Hand That Feeds song, what is up with that. not that it's not a good song, but it's played too much. throw in some old stuff. also, stop playing the redneck morning radio show, it makes me want to vomit acid through my nose.
  10. i like cupcakes.

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